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Come Meet Jan


Come Meet Jan

Speaking events, for the most part, are not published online but are left up to the specific organization to promote as desired.

Barns: A Love Story” will feature a three-part presentation to include images of some fascinating barns across the country, barns and surprising quotations about them; and images of and tales about some of Michigan’s own barns. There will be a barn memorabilia display and an opportunity to purchase my five-star-rated book, American Barns, and earlier book, Common People Uncommon Lives, featuring stories of humor and inspiration about real people including a few from the Upper Peninsula.  I hope to meet you there.

Responses to recent programs by The Barn Lady:

"You have a wonderful vocabulary and a gentle but learned and inviting voice. You made everyone feel comfortable and invited them to participate in the talk."
M.M. Battle Creek, November 2015
"I was not sure you could surpass your first visit to our group – keep up the good work. You enlighten so many"
J.S. Albion, November 2015
"I could listen to you talk about barns for hours and never lose interest. I have learned so much!"
J.S. Albion, November 2015
"I just love your humor!"
Retired teacher, Lansing, November 2015
"Jan, I waited a week before sending this e-mail, in that I wanted to make sure that after 7 days I still felt the same way about your presentation. So after 7 day I still feel the same. It was really great!, you are a very talented story teller and should do more of it. The photos were wonderful the opening power point was terrific and the closing was equally as good. The number in attendance at your session are an indication of how well respected you and your stories are. Keep up the great work.
Now that you know where our barn is, you and your husband are always welcome."
Jerry Damon
"Jan, your presentation at the Michigan Barn Preservation Network conference was amazing. Thanks for bringing me to tears, sharing your heart, your love for barns, and for the continued inspiration!! Cheers to preserving history!!"
Linette Crosby, St. Johns
"BRAVO BRAVO. Your program was wonderful. The images, quotes and music came together perfectly. The information was right on target. Wonderful program. We thoroughly enjoyed it."
Russ Mawby, Augusta
"I have attended other presentations at this conference, but this was by far the best!"
Edwin Roth, Lowell
"I highly recommend Jan's program. She is passionate about our barns and offers a unique, highly educational and inspiring program. It is suitable for all audiences. Those who have seen it will never look at a barn the same way again!"
CDR. T.R. Shaw Jr., Battle Creek

Speaking Opportunities

Looking for a way to make people aware of your nonprofit organization and raise funds at the same time?

It can be a challenge (aka nuisance) to find a speaker for a meeting. It can also be nerve-wracking wondering if you made the right choice. Give me a call or drop an email to me and let’s talk about how I might be able to help ease your mind. My programs lean to the light-hearted along the themes you will find in my books and on heritage barns. See Barns.

Contact me directly at 269-589-5893 to discuss shaping a workshop, presentation, or program that meets your needs.

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