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Looking for a speaker?

My programs lean toward three key themes – barns, books, and be-attitudes – building on my love for heritage barns, their stories and preservation; a writer’s life (it isn’t nearly as romantic as some assume), and my personal value system on what gives meaning to life. As with just about everything, “It depends” is the answer to what a presentation might cost but my best answer overall is “Not much!” Let me know what your needs, interests, and expectations are and we’ll go from there. Programs are often accented by PowerPoints, music, and displays. Special opportunities can be developed for target audiences such as children and seniors. I also do special programs for children.

Here are a few topics:

  • "Michigan’s Mystery Barns"
     (a special feature of Michigan Farmer magazine)

  • "In Their Own Words"
     Images and famous quotations about barns set to music

  • "Barns -- Cathedrals to the Earth's Spirit"
     Images and Stories of Heritage Barns

  • "Saving Barns from Sprawl"
     How to Save a Heritage Barn

  • “Books, Barns, and Be-Attitudes”

  • "Journaling for the Health of It"
     Keeping a Journal: How and Why

  • "Sharing Your Life’s Story"
     Journaling, Writing, Publishing

  • "Barns, Boxes, and Marshmallows"
     Making the decision to save or replace a barn

  • "Holding on While Letting Go"
     Accepting the Loss of a Loved One

  • "They said, 'You should write a book!'"
     So you want to write a book? Really?

Responses to recent programs by The Barn Lady:

“Your enthusiasm and knowledge of old barns provided a unique program for our patrons. Thanks again for coming out. Your program really got me thinking about trying to extend the life of my old barn!”

J.S. Plainwell Library,
Winter 2014.

"So nice to finally meet you. You are a spell-binding presenter, and I know we all enjoyed your talk so much! Indeed, when you showed the human side of emotion connected to barns, it was very moving."

 Ann G.

“This is the third time we’ve had you speak to our group and the fact that we had 60 attend when we anticipated 30 on a winter day says it all! Thank you for coming!”

Kellogg Retirees

"You are a very talented story teller and should do more of it. The photos were wonderful the opening power point was terrific and the closing was equally as good. The number in attendance at your session are an indication of how well respected you and your stories are. Keep up the great work. "

Jerry Damon

"BRAVO BRAVO. Your program was wonderful. The images, quotes and music came together perfectly. The information was right on target. Wonderful program. We thoroughly enjoyed it."

Russ Mawby, Augusta

"I have attended other presentations at this conference, but this was by far the best!"

Edwin Roth, Lowell

"I highly recommend Jan's program. She is passionate about our barns and offers a unique, highly educational and inspiring program. It is suitable for all audiences. Those who have seen it will never look at a barn the same way again!"

CDR. T.R. Shaw Jr.,
Battle Creek