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In August 2013, Michigan Farmer magazine asked me to begin writing a monthly article on barns. When the magazine merged with American Agriculturist, I offered to write less often and invite barn lovers from other states to share stories of their wonderful barns. We all benefit! Visit www.farmprogress.com.

Barn Features

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Getz-Milk Dairy

Getz-Milk Dairy, Wilson, Michigan, transformed the ground level of its original barn from an old to a new use by making it a raised, double-eight milking parlor for the more than 400 Holsteins milked there, three times each day. A portion of the barn serves as a break room and laundry area while the loft continues to be used for straw storage. The Getzloff Family farms 1,200 acres in addition to its dairy operation.

What You Can Do

  • If a barn in your area would make a great media feature because it is being given a new life, has an interesting story, or is threatened, speak out. Awareness can make a difference.

  • Be a leader in encouraging people in a position of power to work for change in the insurance, real estate, zoning, estate planning, state-level preservation policies, and development fields.

  • Become an advocate for a barn that could be saved with some help from a friend. Could it be patched enough to be stabilized? Could it be moved and given new life?

  • Encourage schools, community colleges, and vo-ed centers to develop curriculum that incorporates training to assess the condition of barns, calculate repair costs, do the actual repair work, and manage the finances, customer relations and other aspects of becoming a specialist in barn repair.

  • Photograph barns you see and document when, where, and what you can about them.

  • Donate your collections and encourage elderly family members to donate collections of barn-related memorabilia to historical societies.

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