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Barns Photo Gallery

Barns are severely threatened. Without them, we would never have survived as a young nation, yet take them for granted. There are thousands of photos in my portfolio after 30 years of trying to do my part to save them, their images, and their stories.

Barns Photo Gallery

An abandoned farm near Menominee, Michigan, is fading away, its log barn and log home so important to local history.
What did the settlers think, when they carved a home and dug a well in this wild land?
The Lundgren farmstead (Swedish settlers) is rich with history for Menominee County.
Inside the Lundgren barn which began as the art studio and office for Mr. Lundgren.
The owner of this Freeland barn wanted its footprint for farming but did not want to destroy the barn.
The Freeland barn was dismantled and moved nearby. Framing and siding were used as part of a new/old barn.
The New Beginnings Ranch at Levering is home to a herd of buffalo and rented for events.
Inside the New Beginnings Barn, the barn’s architecture speaks volumes about hard work.
Once part of an orchard, the trees have been replaced by storage buildings and this Ann Arbor-area barn is an office.
Inside the Pirate’s Cove barn offices near Ann Arbor.
The “Tiki Barn” is in the Upper Peninsula.
Inside the Tiki Barn. (Not open to the public.)
Animals occupied this Sault Ste. Marie barn at one time and even now, as part of a vet clinic.
The veterinarian and her assistant in the loft office at this Sault Ste. Marie vet clinic.
First came the loggers, then the farmers, to Michigan’s wilderness. This UP barn was destined for bulldozing when a woman who knew and loved it, stepped in and saved it.
The birthdate of the UP barn is recorded on one of its inner doors.
Light and shadow and incredible beauty reside inside the extraordinary UP barn.
When a suitable house could not be found on the Leelanau Peninsula, a determined couple transformed a barn.
Inside the cozy, welcoming, yet spacious Leelanau barn house.

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