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Barns & Their Stories

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Worth Saving

This didn't have to happen. About two years ago the weakening of this section of the barn had just begun and repairs could have been made, saving a large, valuable structure. Once the decision was made not to save the barn, at the very least, its beautiful wood should have been salvaged and put to good use. More...

Grandfather Barn

Grandfather Barn

My husband and I bought our home near Battle Creek in 1982. Within about a mile stood a wonderful, but lonely barn that had not been used since the 1960s. Built in the early 1900s, the three-bay, pegged, English barn fascinated me. I was in love.  More...

Benedict Barn

The Benedict Barn Story

On an April day in 2004, my husband and I were headed north on M-66 and, when we neared Ionia, I looked for “the” big red barn, a landmark on the horizon. But this morning, a developer’s sign said the farm was for sale. More...

Heatherbrook Barn

The Heart of Heatherbrook

Thousands of people traveling interstate I-94 every day near Marshall, Michigan, see this mural, "The Heart of Heatherbrook" Just west of the I-94 and I-69 interchange, the mural represents the talents of the Battle Creek Society of Artists, working under the leadership of professional muralist Tony Hendrick, Grand Ledge, Michigan. It is funded by a grant from the Calhoun County Arts & Industry Council. More...

My Grandfather's Barn

It is the People Who Make Barns Special

You are never quite sure what to expect when your job entails knocking on strangers’ doors, especially if you are selling vacuum cleaners, promoting driveway sealer, or offering religious tracts. More...

The Christmas Penny Barn

The Christmas Penny Barn

Farming has its routines. At milking time, cattle plod along beaten paths to the barn. The farmer puts grain in the mangers, opens the door and the cattle come in. Each cow moves to her own stall, buries her muzzle in the ground feed, and the process begins. Every morning. Every night. All year. Christmas, too. More...

My Grandfather's Barn

Barns, Beautiful Barns

My Grandfather's Barn More...

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