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Still "wet behind the ears" when she became a newspaper reporter for the daily paper in Albion, Michigan, where she had graduated a short time earlier from Albion College, Jan got a buffet taste of small-town journalism. Readers loved her column, "Catch-All Corner," but Jan admits she didn't think she had enough to say to warrant making it a regular feature. Apparently she did, because several years and a career step or two later after leaving the world of newspaper reporting, she was asked by the Battle Creek newspaper to become a guest columnist.

After frequently hearing from readers that they clipped and shared her columns, or, being asked if she could send someone a copy of one they had misplaced, she decided to gather reader favorites together and tuck them neatly between two handy covers.

From My Perspective is rich reading. This insightful author offers something for everyone. There are views on marriage vows and precious gifts, old barns and urban sprawl, education and entertainment, questionable politics and unquestionable values, sad trees and happy frogs, misplaced priorities and misused words. This book is a keeper.

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