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Common People Uncommon Lives

Common People Uncommon Lives

Common People Uncommon Lives cover

Common People Uncommon Lives doesn't list seven steps, ten tips, or a hundred habits to make you rich or improve your looks. It simply offers to renew your faith in the goodness of the human spirit, with a few hearty laughs thrown in for good measure.

Jan says that when a story is meant to be, it takes hold of her and doesn't let go until it is written. That is how Common People Uncommon Lives came into being. Readers will find an often humorous account of the many Michigan grandmothers Jan has "adopted" over the years; a tribute to a quiet character from Arkansas, whose life story is told not by himself but by the people who have cared for him; a young woman from Indiana, determined to rise about life circumstances difficult enough to break the spirit of most people; and even a leader in the world of philanthropy who is known around the world, yet who chooses not to boast about his triumphs, but to speak humbly about his beliefs. Each story imparts a lesson for living, though at first glance, one might not think that to be the case. There are also recollections of a blueberry pie that gets its revenge, a dog that performs angelic duties, and even time spent in the "cottage from hell."

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